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Junior B Championship 2018

Junior B championship 2018

Round 1:April 22nd

M NolanCrusheen0-5 v 4-9Kildysart
F O'ReillyEast Clare Gaels3-4 v 5-4Doora Barefield B
postponedFergus Rovers 2vCúil Gaels 2

Round 2:April 29th

F CulletonDoora Barefield B5-10 v 1-2Crusheen
M TaltyKildysart7-10 v 3-05Fergus Rovers 2

M TaltyCúil Gaels 23-8 v 0-03East Clare Gaels

Round 3:May 13th

J McDonaghDoora Barefield B0-07 v 3-6Kildysart
FR pulled out
vEast Clare Gaels
Crusheen concededCrusheen0-0 v 0-1Cúil Gaels 2

Round 4:June 24th

Jim HickeyEast Clare Gaels5-9 v 1-6Crusheen

0-0 v 0-1Doora Barefield B
F CullletonCúil Gaels 22-9 v 2-3Kildysart

Round 5:July 1st

F CulletonKildysart3-14 v 2-08East Clare Gaels
M NolanDoora Barefield B2-10 v 1-05Cúil Gaels 2

Semi-finals:August 12th

J McDonaghDoorabarefield1-02 v 3-05East Clare GaelsGurteen
F CulletonKildysart1-3 v 0-07Cuil GaelsKildysart

Sheild Final:Sept 10th

F CulletonKildysart Ladies2-07 V 2-05DoorabarefieldBallynacally

Cup Final:September 9th

M FitzgeraldEast Clare GaelsVCuil GaelsClarecastle

match abandoned

Replay:September 28th

John McDonaghEast Clare Gaels2-7 V 1-10Cuil GaelsTubber

ECG won on 30m kicks


1) First named team has home venue

2) Home Team to arrange neutral referee

3) All Games to be played on or before appointed date

4) Match results to be returned by home team to:

Sheila Murphy087 8532856orsheilamurphy88@gmail.com